Private Mailboxes

Is there a minimum time that I must open a mail box for?
The Mail Stop requires customers to open a mail box for a least three months to begin with. When that first three month period expires box holders can renew by the month, by the quarter, semi-annually or by the year. Take advantage of our long term renewal specials; renew for six months and receive a free month. Renew for a year and receive two free months rent on your box!!

Are there fees or deposits required when I/we open a box?
Yes. There is a $5 key deposit and a $5 setup fee. This is a one time charge. When you close your mail box at the Mail Stop your key deposit is refunded to you.

Do I actually get a street address as an address?
Yes. Customers at the Mail Stop use:
Your Name
1467 Siskiyou Blvd #(your box number).
Ashland, OR 97520

Is there 24/7 access to get my mail?
Mail Stop customers have a secure door code key to use that allows access to their mail after hours, on weekends, and Holidays.

Can I receive packages addressed to my box?
Absolutely!! We accept packages that come by mail, by FEDEX, by UPS, and other regional shippers.
No more having your valuable packages sit unattended by your door.

Do you have a way that I can check to see if I have received mail or a package without coming into the Mail Stop?
The Mail Stop staff can notify you by text message or email that you have received mail or parcels. The service is a dollar ($1) a month and well worth it for busy people, people that live outside town, or people who just want to know.

What do I need to do to open a mail box?
Fill out and sign an application for Delivery of Mail Through Agent. (USPS FORM 1583). A copy of the form is provided on the web page. We also need copies of TWO pieces of ACCEPTABLE I D.

What is considered acceptable I D?
The Post Master recognizes the following I D’s:
Valid driver’s license, government I D, Armed Forces I D, University I D, recognized corporate card, passport, alien registration, certificate of naturalization, voter registration, vehicle registration, vehicle insurance card, mortgage certificate

Can you forward mail to me if I am out of town, on vacation, or move?
Yes! We are happy to forward mail to customers. We only ask that you pay for the postage to the destination we are mailing to, an envelope or box, and a two dollar ($2) forwarding fee.